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Educate, Inspire, Empower

Women & Youth


Greetings from  Aasra Shiksha Samiti !

 Aasra Shiksha Samiti focuses on Empowerment of women and Educational Support to Youth which “Gives” them opportunities for “Change”

We are a registered NGO working for supporting Educational Initiatives and Skill Development for under privileged women, children and youth in the communities of South East Delhi. This Initiative was started in February 2016 by Mr. Rajeev Bajoria a business man by profession who wanted to give back to the society from where he had received so much.  From the beginning the desire was to focus on Education and Skill Development so that the women and children can get the required support to succeed in their school and adult life.

AASRA SHIKSHA SAMITI has been actively engaged in the improvement of education levels of the children and youth belonging to the disadvantage section of the society. We train Youth in various soft skills, computer operation, spoken English as well as vocational skills which would help them to bring a change in their lives.We are running various computer courses in collaboration with NIIT Foundation. Over the period of nearly 5 years since we started we have trained over 750 youth and children in computer skills. 

AASRA SHIKSHA SAMITI is also actively involved in creating an understanding and awareness on menstrual  hygiene, the idea being to educate inspire and empower. Poor menstrual hygiene is one of the leading causes for high rates of sexually transmitted diseases and reproductive tract infections in our country. Reproductive tract infections, which have become a silent epidemic that has devastated women’s lives, are closely linked with poor menstrual hygiene.

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According to estimates and surveys gleaned on Menstrual Hygiene Day, of the nearly 36 crore menstruating women in India, only 6 to 7 crore have access to sanitary pads. 71% of them have no knowledge of menstruation before their first blood and 82% use alternatives such as rags, old cloth, hay, sand or ash. About 6.30 crore adolescent girls live in houses without toilet facilities, and 88% of adolescent girls are unaware of the health implications that could occur due to poor menstrual hygiene.


With the knowledge that in today’s world to succeed a knowledge of Computers was absolutely essential irrespective of any job that one gets we collaborated with NIIT Foundation the best in the industry today to run their courses since August 2016. Armed with another specification that the youth often lack soft skills we also introduced Spoken English and Personality again with collaboration of NIIT. These skills have helped in bringing a change in their lives. “All work and no play make jack a dull boy” ...... So AASRA SHIKSHA SAMITI is a fun place too where besides celebrating various festival’s we regularly go out for picnics in Delhi and out station too!  A wonderful source of binding and belonging.

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A/C NO - 354187958, IFSC CODE - CBIN0282180,

PAYTM N0 - 9810137836

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